Frequently Asked Questions

Why to publish in IJMST ?

IJMST emphasizes the publication of highly respected, open access, peer-reviewed and inter disciplinary scientific journals that contribute new knowledge and understanding. IJMST covers scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management and education fields as a whole. It has established itself as a professional venue for publishing high quality research papers. It guarantees a maximum exposure of all its published articles.

Where do I find ISSN for IJMST ?

You may find the Online ISSN on International Journal for Management Science and Technology home page or you can directly click here. The Online ISSN for IJMST is 2320-8848 (Assign Date - 22.03.2013) and the Printed ISSN is 2321-0362 (Assign Date - 10.04.2013).

What is the frequency of publications ?

IJMST is a monthly journal. It publishes a regular issue every month. Thus, 12 issues are published in a year. Issue is published on the last date of every month

What types of articles are published in IJMST?

Articles that are original, technical and inter disciplinary scientific in nature are published in our journal, journals that contribute new knowledge and understanding. Click here for Call For Paper.

When is the next Call for Papers?

Paper has to be submitted on or before 28th of every month. The accepted paper will be published online in the current issue. Paper submitted after this date will be published online in the next issue if accepted.

How does the review process work ?

The review of articles is done through a double blind peer review. Click here to know more.

How long does it take for paper review process ?

It takes around 5 to 7 days to review a paper. Time differs according to the papers in queue for publication.

What if paper gets rejected ?

Firstly, our Editorial Boarder board or reviewer board reviews Papers. If the paper is not accepted then it is send back either for major revisions or subject to complete reject. We highly recommend authors to revise and implement the reviewer's recommendations and re-submit.

Can the articles published in IJMST will be re-publishised in another journal ?

No, IJMST do not allow the authors to re-publish the articles with other journals.

Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines ?

In Author's guideline section of IJMST website. Click Here to see guidelines.

How to submit a research article ?

Research articles can be submitted online, for online submission click here or you can submit your articles through Email: or Email:

When and Where can I get Copyrights Transfer Form ?

If the research article get accepted, will send the acknowledge email with Transfer of Copyright Agreement PDF. You have to read the agreement completely, print and sign it then scann the agreement and send the scanned copy to IJMST.

What is a Manuscript ID ?

Manuscript id is an Unique Identification number given Code provided to every submitted Manuscript. You should always mention this Manuscript id during any communication with us.

How much I have to pay to publish a research paper in IJMST ?

The authors need to pay a minimum amount of 2000 (Indian) or 75 (Others) excluding transaction charge for each accepted manuscript. For more detail click here.

Why this journal does have publication charges ?

We cover the costs partially through article processing fees. Our expenses are split among editorial costs, electronic composition and production, journal information system, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, overhead expenses* and administrative costs.

How will I come to know that my Paper is Online ?

We will send a mail on your registered mail ID once your paper gets online.

The articles published in IJMST are free ?

all the papers published by IJMST will be available free of cost. You can download them from website.

Is there any articles charge for readers?

we do not charge any amount from the readers for accessing* reading and downloading the articles.

I would like to join you ?

We welcome applications to join our Editorial Board or Reviewer Board. Click Here to fill the form upload you photographs and cv or just send an email to Email: or Email: Please kindly allow 1-2 weeks for processing your application.

The material from articles published in IJMST could be used ?

One has to take prior permission before using any Text, illustrations, figures or tables from any articles published in IJMST.

I did not find my question on your FAQ list.

You can contact us by clicking here or you can email us all your queries or suggestions at Email: or Email: We will be happy to serve you better.