Review Process

The research paper/articles submitted by the authors' will undergo following processes before Publication. The aim of review process is to ensure that high quality and publication of original scientific studies.

After receiving manuscript a confirmation email is sent to the corresponding author within 1-2 days. All manuscripts submitted for publication are initially viewed by the editorial board. The author(s) are fully responsible for the content of the articles contributed.
After initial screening process, the manuscripts are sent to two referees for double blind review. The referees are chosen according to their expertise in the field. They evaluate the manuscript based on the reviewer's guideline and recommend for publication/rejection. Articles that are not accepted for publication are not resent to the authors.
The author(s) shall ensure absolute adherence to the guidelines provided for research articles. And prior to submission it should be complete in all respect and carefully checked. Incomplete research articles shall be rejected without assigning any reason thereof.
After favorable opinion from referees, the editorial board will take the final decision for acceptance of the article. Once the article gets accepted it's placed for publication in the upcoming issue and the acceptance letter is sent to the corresponding author.
Finally, a certificate of excellence is send to each author for their outstanding research work and contribution to the journal.
All the submitted articles will be reviewed within 15 days subject to availability of referees.

Conditions apply: The journal reserves the right to make suitable amendments in the final draft of the articles to suit the journal's standard and other requirements.